Wrestling Pizza

The trick is to consume foods prior to a match that don’t elevate your blood-glucose and don’t cause you to incur an insulin spike.
Some of the best foods to eat prior to a wrestling match are:

-cheese pizza (as long as it’s not too greasy)

Sorry, cant have pizza today, maybe next week (to celebrate my royal rumble win) before i face the ecw champ in the main event at ‘Mania!!!
1:53 PM - 21 Jan 10 via mobile web
@HeelZiggler. Oh what a #HEEL

Roddy Piper, DDP, and Pizza. Where Pizza Man is a fucking superhero. And I’m NOT going to post this here?!?!

The WWE Champion Spinning a Pie!

Apparently they have been discontinued, however there was a time when you could get your favorite RAW superstar right on top of your favorite pizza!

Matt Hardy vs. MVP in a Pizza eating contest from 2007.

A classic.